What we do?

We consistently make it easier for any content creators and fans to livestream, share, engage and generate revenue.

FANetwork is a web streaming carrier for live events and video-on-demand content with unique proprietary features which include:

  • Top of the class livestream capability
  • Bespoke encoding
  • Our unique FANplayer - already integrated within Facebook and Twitter walls
  • In-Player payment gateways with immediate revenue generation
  • Back-end data analytics
  • User interface systems between content creators and their fans

FANetwork’s 3.0 Mobile App development will establish us as a major global Social Media Community for multiple millions of viewer/users allowing all to livestream, connect, promote, market and collect revenues. FANetwork app user base growth will be driven by compelling live events of all shapes and sizes, from A-list artists, conferences, yoga teachers with their students, and even family gatherings. What have we done so far?

  • Established a FANCarrier platform,
  • Building Channels and Pages for clients
  • Delivering and marketing events through unique id Facebook apps

In our first 24 Months, we have...

  • Delivered the first broadcasts of live concerts through FAN live player on Facebook and Twitter
  • Released first-view Movies as Facebook Apps
  • Contracted with EMI and Sony artists and administered tens of thousands in custom-built moderated live chat areas
  • Produced global multi-feed programs
  • Become a movie distribution and marketing solution for filmmakers.

FAN Technology

FANetwork 2.0 The FAN 2.0 carrier platform and media ecosphere is already unique, with our in-player monetizing gateways, back-end analytics and data collection. These features are not provided with any other video streaming player whether Vevo, Vimeo, YouTube, Live Steam or UStream. FANetwork 2.0 has been the only integrated Live and VOD social media platform of its kind.

The example below shows Jeremy Camp who has attracted a community of 1.4 million facebook fans. FANetwork's player enables for payment gateways (free, free to pledge or paid to view) to transact within the player itself, as well as customize banners that can promote products, and a customized FAN chat community.

The three breadcrumb links at the top of his iframe page indicate > Carrier - FANetwork > Channel - GlobalSounds > Page - Jeremy Camp