1.  How FANetwork does things?

  • Creates an exchange of content and products between content providers and their customers
  • Operates as a Digital Media Carrier Platform, populated by Channels that provide Pages to Content Providers
  • Recognized to provide the highest levels of Live Streaming on the Web
  • Broadcast both live and on demand through Facebook and social media platforms
  • Monetize content with both pledge and ppv gateways built within FAN's unique player 
  • Offer multi feed simultaneous broadcast viewing within the player and thumbnail wireframe

2. What entertainment products and programs does FANetwork consider for distribution?

FAN can broadcast music concerts, album releases, live events, feature films, documentaries, charity and cause programs as well as lectures and conferences. FAN can also launch speciality WebTV channels for content owners to sit on the FAN carrier platform.

3. Why visit us if you are a FAN

Because we will deliver great entertainment and programs , with unique Virtually Live  Concerts with favorite aritsts , and exclusive Film Screenings and lots of bonus materials . Although there are unique pay per view events and DVD launches , most of our content is Free and you can Pledge your support if you "Like" FAN .

4. Why give us content or let us broadcast your live event if you are an artist, flim maker or brand.

If your content is going to be "liked" our platform can attract  an audience ! and if they "buy" you , our player has an integrated payment gateways that can maximize your return.  Also we sense you will enjoy working with us!

5. How Can I Broadcast my event through FAN?

FAN's platform is dual purpose .. Both VOD and Live Delivery Systems.

Live streaming is easy as long as there is good connectivty. Today there are many alternatives .


  • FAN is trusted by record labels. major artists and brand companies because our technology partners and platform is
  • FAN has produced the only live concerts broadcast within Facebook so far during 2012
  • FAN combines Broadcast with F Commerce , Payment Gateways and moderated FAN social conversation -  so FAN can broadcast a program, whilst simultaneously selling product, advertise brand promotions and engage in fan chats; 

6. How many locations can FAN broadcast from and what are the capabilities?

Fan player can support primary and back up streams from upto 6 locations simultaneously. The streaming team has in the past provided upto 154 simultaneous locations for a major brand event.

7. What are the Player Capabilities?

 Basic Flash and HTML5 IOS video player setup and provisioning.
- On-demand cue point insertion integration (OD timeline). for ads, pledges, sharing etc 
- Image or Flash overlay banner ad delivery (OD only).
- Cue point set up and management (OD only).
- Video and ad delivery tracking and statistics.
- Statistical tracking includes:
1. Stream delivery - Number of streams delivered, concurrent viewers, bandwidth usage, minutes viewed, geo-locations etc.
2. iFrame tracking -  Visits and Visitors, geo-location.
3. Ad tracking - individual ad tracking (when delivered, click response from viewers: yes/no etc.)
-Online transcoding of the footage.

8. Can my event be seen on multiple pages within Facebook?

Yes - your event can exist on multiple pages within Facebook, entered through the FAN ACCESS App and through the newsfeeds and walls.

9. Can I also broadcast my event outside of Facebook?

Yes, our technology functions inside of Facebook as well as outside including your own web sites. In addition we can also broadcast live Twitter events.

10. Can I track affiliate activity?

Yes, each player shared or embedded generates a unique code allowing us to track individual activity per partner/customer, providing additional database and revenue potential for all,

11.  I need Answers !!!!!    How do I get help or ask FAN a question right now ?

Click the Contact tab in the top right of the navigation bar above and we will answer right away.